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The Jakmania is a supporter of Persija Jakarta, Indonesia, established in League IV, precisely December 19, 1997. The headquarters and secretariat The Jakmania located in Lebak Bulus Stadium. Every Tuesday and Friday is the routine of the Jakmania both administrators and members to undertake activities come together to discuss the development of The Jakmania and reports from every area of stewardship. Do not forget to also do the registration for new members in these routines.


The idea of the formation of The Jakmania emerged from Diza Rashid Ali, manager of Persija at that time. This idea received support from the Governor of Jakarta Sutiyoso. As a builder Persija, Sutiyoso was very fond of football. He wanted to revive football in Jakarta who has long lost both team and supporters.
At first, members of The Jakmania only about 100 people, with the board as many as 40 people. When formed, chosen known figure in the eyes of society, namely Gugun Gondrong which is the most ideal figure at the time. Although among the celebrities, Gugun not want excessive force. He wants to feel equal with others.
Official member of The Jakmania time finally made the symbol of a hand with finger-shaped letter J. This idea comes from Supatmo Edi, who was then an Persija PR. Until now, the emblem was still maintained and always acted as a symbol of identity Jakmania.
Along with the expiry of the maintenance, Gugun replaced by Ir. T. Ferry Indrasjarief more familiarly called Bung Ferry. Bung Ferry tenure is the period 1999-2001 and re-trusted to lead the Jakmania periods 2001-2003, 2003-2005.
Bung Ferry led the Jakmania up to 3 periods. Under the leadership of Bung Ferry who was also a member of the Commandos fans Pelita Jaya, The Jakmania continued to squirm. The organization arranged Jakmania mature. Understandably, Bung Ferry was raised by the activities of the organization. Initially, it is very difficult to invite people in Jakarta to want to join.
Luckily, the board found the momentum telling. As Indonesia's national team ahead of the competing Asian Cup, they are distributing posters outside the stadium. With the increasing number of members who are registered about 7200 members, was established Regional Co-ordinator.
And until last registration there are currently more than 60,000 members from 50 Korwil. After the General Elections held Raya 2010, to select a new chairman, finally elected General Chairman of the New period 2010-2012 is Larico Ranggamone or more familiarly called him Ayah Riko.

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